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More than 10 years of deep engineering experience working with worldwide companies.

Welcome to Verdusco Consulting

We are a talented and committed group of multidisciplinary professionals with decades of expertise in industrial projects and fieldwork. Our purpose is simple:

Help clients realize the goals that will take their businesses and projects to the next level!

Count on us to share a vision and make it happen.

Get the best at
Verdusco Consulting

Verdusco Consulting provides engineering management consulting and technical support e星体育登录入口,e星体育注册 in the areas of

process and automation engineering

, controls architecture, electrical design, testing and validation, project and program management, safety standards, supplier and vendor relationship management, project planning/budgeting, cross-functional engineering and operational leadership, and continuous improvement.
Verdusco Consulting Team
Verdusco Consulting Team


Verdusco Consulting is a partner to trust! 

Our team is ready to understand everyday hurdles and solve them using custom methods tailored to clients’ needs. The approach used is strategic, innovative, and rich in solutions that ensure know-how, deep-end analysis, expertise, technical assistance, and specialized support in these fields:

Management Consulting01

Management consulting

Engineering e星体育登录入口,e星体育注册01

Engineering e星体育登录入口,e星体育注册

Project Management01

Project management

Remote Engineering e星体育登录入口,e星体育注册 (EnglishSpanish)01

Remote engineering e星体育登录入口,e星体育注册

Automation Process Design01

Automation process design

Manufacturing and Strategy Operations01

Manufacturing and strategy operations

engineering consulting

At Verdusco Consulting, you will find the perfect atmosphere between professional expertise and human understanding.



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